Western Union

Western Union

Western Union : The Fastest Way to Receive Money in India


Living abroad, your loved ones are so far away. But when they send money home with Western Union, it brings them closer. With Western Union’s state-of-the-art computer systems and a secure global network, the money reaches you safely in minutes.
  1. What is Western Union Money Transfer?
    Remittances from abroad come by Swift/Drafts/Cheques which takes 10 days to realize the proceeds by the Customer. *In Western Union Money Transfer, the time taken will be very less. *
  2. Describe a typical monetary transaction made through Western Union?
    If Someone wants to send money to their family in India, all they need to do is walk into a Western Union Agent location. There, they fill out a To Send MoneyForm and hand the amount being sent along with the required service fee to the Agent.
    The information is then keyed at once into the dedicated Western Union system, which is connected to various centers through a proprietary software around the world.
    The Receiver/Beneficiary can come to our place offering Western Union Money Transfer Service fill out a To Receive MoneyForm and show proper photo identification. Once this information is verified and found to be satisfactory, Polo Forex pays the Money.
  3. What type of Remittances are permitted / not permitted in this Service?  According to Reserve Bank of India (RBI) guidelines, only personal remittances towards family maintenance and remittances favoring foreign tourists visiting India are permitted under this Service.
  4. All Trade related remittances, remittances towards purchase of property, investments or credit to NRE/FCNR Accounts etc or Donations/Contributions to Charitable organizations are not permitted under this Service.
  5. What is the maximum amount permitted by RBI under this Scheme? Any single remittance under the scheme shall not exceed US Dollors 2500 or its equivalent.
    We as agent of Western Union can pay up to Rs.49,999/- by Cash and all amounts of Rs.50,000/- and above shall be paid by Pay Order/Demand Drafts (without our Bank Charges) or Direct credit to the Beneficiary Account in the Branch.
    For Foreign Tourists amount exceeding Rs.50,000/- can be paid by Cash as per RBI permission. Only 30 Remittances shall be permitted in a year by a single recipient.
  6. What the salient features of the Service? The Service is approved by Reserve Bank of India. The Beneficiary/Receiver pays no fee. Neither the Sender nor the Receiver has to have a bank account. The Service is Fast, Safe, Legal & Reliable. Each transfer is protected by a world class security system.
  7. What Identity proof to be submitted for receiving money? Any of the below identity issued by State Government of Central Government with photo id and address can be submitted to receive money.
    • Passport
    • Driving License
    • Voters ID
    • PAN Card with address proof
    • Refugee Card
    • Student ID issued by Government College
    • Bank Pass Book (with Photo)
    • Army card
    • Police Card.

    All these IDs must be valid at the time of transactions.


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